Oak Ridge Reservation Land Use Planning Process
Oak Ridge Reservation Land Use Planning Process

A land use planning process involving extensive stakeholder input has been initiated. A set of possible land use scenarios is being developed for parts of the Oak Ridge Reservation which may in the future no longer be needed for mission purposes. The land use scenarios will help guide future DOE decisions. Public input is a key component for the scenario development.

Public Input

Public input is being obtained through:
   Focus Group for Land Use Planning
   Public Meetings

Public Communications

Public communication will be through:
   Research Park Notes
A newsletter about research, natural resources, land use, and other activities on the Oak Ridge National
Environmental Research Park. It includes updates and information about the Land Use Planning Process.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view most of the following information. You can download a free copy from
the Adobe site.

Land Use Planning Process handout
DOE Land Use Planning Process Initiative: Status Update to UT-Battelle Leadership Team
Powerpoint presentation )
Land Use Technical Report
Final Report of the Oak Ridge Land Use Planning Focus Group
ORR Land Use Planning Newsletter


   Facilitation Group
   Focus Group
   Maps for Options Analyses(all maps require Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Preliminary Feedback Map
Land Use Planning Map -- Greenspace Emphasis
Land Use Planning Map -- Development Emphasis
Land Use Planning Map -- Modified ED-3
Land Use Planning Map -- Less Development
   Meeting Schedule
Focus Group Meeting Dates
Public Meetings
   Planning Documents References (A hardcopy can be reviewed at the DOE Public Reading Room)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Land and Facilities Plan(2002 draft)
Oak Ridge Operations Comprehensive Integrated Planning Process(September 1999)
   Planning Maps

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